Planning and Architectural Design is responsible for the design and installation of new campus signage and temporary directional signs. It also manages department requested changes to existing signage, although the cost is the responsibility of the department.

Signage services include:

  • New sign and change requests for all exterior and interior signs, both permanent and temporary in nature
  • Maintenance and repairs for all signs

Signage standards

Signage standards were created to establish a distinct and professional graphic image throughout the University.  Please refer to Building and Major Renovation Standards webpage for further details.

Signage usage

The intent in positioning signage is to identify, direct and inform.  The choice of sign type and message must be well organized and easily understood.

  • Exterior Signage - This includes but is not limited to jurisdictional signs, way-finding signs, parking signs and other types of signs located in the outdoor environment.
  • Interior Signage - This includes but is not limited to donor recognition, dedications, directory directories, directional, room numbers and department identification located within buildings.
  • Temporary Signs - These signs are used for special events to direct the York community and the public to the event and to designated parking lots.

Temporary and permanent signs are requested by completing a Service Request. For further information please contact Amy Poon.