Furniture Process and Protocol

Planning and Renovations handles all University furniture requirements. To better serve the York Community, York University faculty, staff and administration are required to purchase furniture from York University approved suppliers through Planning. This is the University process and protocol for the acquisition of furniture regardless of scale, complexity or costs.

University furnishing standards are acquired through a formal tender process and determined by required applications/needs, ergonomic compliance, sustainable initiatives, cost, warranty and service.

Service Requests and Timeline Expectations

Please note, we are currently working on significant university endorsed/capital projects and a considerable number of major renovations.  In addition we receive a large number of incoming Service Requests submissions. We will make our best effort to complete the requests in a timely manner, although we are unable to guarantee any delivery deadlines. Project completion is also dependent on the scope and size of the request/project. Only Service Requests submitted and received before the end of February, will be considered for completion during the current fiscal year (by end of April).

Our team:

  • Provides planning/design solutions
  • Determines furniture standards (chairs, workstations, files, etc.) giving thought to the needs of the University, ergonomics and required service.
  • Researches and sources product outside of the standard offerings when required (ie. specialty chairs, sit-stand desks).
  • Assists and make recommendations for finishes.
  • Prepares quotes and budgets as required.
  • Coordinates all installation and deliveries.
  • Coordinates service calls and ensures that deficiencies are all addressed.


How to Order

Furniture for Existing Space

  • Customer communicates need to Planning via an online Service Request (SR).
  • SR is assigned to appropriate department within Campus Services and Business Operations.
  • Customer will be contacted by Campus Services and Business Operations to confirm requirements or set up meetings as necessary.


  • Meets with customers.
  • Completes site conditions and inventory as necessary ensuring accurate measurements of space and furniture.
  • Provides efffective furniture and planning solutions to suit client needs.
  • Provides formal quotes for furniture.
  • Provides pricing options and product recommendations to customer if the furniture requires additional components or falls outside of the standard price/specifications.
  • Places the order once the customer confirms the item(s) and approves pricing.
  • Coordinates installation/deliveries.

Furniture for New Construction or Major Capital Projects

Note: Furniture standards are established by Campus Services and Business Operations and are based on a complete product review and in accordance with industry and ergonomic standards. York University approved dealers and manufactures are selected to ensure Yorks' furniture and service standards are maintained from production to after-sales service. Planning will manage the order process, apply industry standards and develop and apply ergonomic standards in conjunction with the Health, Safety and Employee Well-Being Office.