Requirements for Contractors

Contractor pre-qualification for projects over 50K

  • Open request for contractors, process through Procurement Services.
  • Selection is based on a Best Value Analysis with Evaluation Criteria that includes the CAD-7 from WSIB (indicates firm’s injury frequency data), review of health and safety policy and assessment of the policy .
  • Every three years complete process for prequalification.

During construction

  • WSIB Clearance submitted with each invoice.
  • Contractor signs off on York’s ‘Health and Fire Safety Requirements with Contractors/Constructors.
  • Project Coordinator and contractor operate under ‘Occupational Health and Safety Act and WHMIS Regulation.
  • ‘General Contractor/Subcontractor Performance Report’ can be used to manage site work; Items A4,5 and 7 all relate to Health and Safety and can be used to suspend a contractor or subcontractor from the project and for future projects.
  • Contractor is responsible for site; no one from the University should enter the site without contacting the project coordinator. All safety concerns should be addressed to the project coordinator or if not available Ron Ogata, Renovations Manager.

Project Notification

  • Forms are currently carbon copied and hand written, signed by department manager and sent to Department of Health and Safety for distribution to JHSC and Security.
  • Notice to be sent 10 days before start of project.
  • Will change this to an electronic form sent out at time of tender with a general period of time that work will take place and no signatures.