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Faculty of Science 
Ray Jayawardhana Dean, Faculty of Science
Sylvie Morin Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Education
Doriano D'Angelo Facilities Manager, Faculty of Science & Engineering
Faculty of Health
Paul McDonald Dean, Faculty of Health
Mazyar Fallah Associate Dean, Research & Innovation
Tom Hodgson Manager, Physical Resources,
Health & Safety, Research Support
Campus Services and Business Operations
Richard Francki Assistant Vice-President 
Ron Ogata Project Director 
Adriano Morassutti Assistant Project Manager 
Lassonde School of Engineering
Richard Wildes Associate Professor and Chair,
Department of Electrical Engineering
Ed Secnik Manager, Health, Safety, Security and Facilities

Project Updates



On May 1, 2017 the Construction Manager will be erecting hoarding inside and outside of the Farquharson Life Sciences Building. The shaded areas on the First, Second and Third floor will not be accessible to the public. The passenger elevator is in the shaded area and therefore will not be available for public use. The Basement washroom will remain operational during the project and the Lumbers washrooms will be available to the Farquharson occupants.

During the first week in May Gillam Group will commence work on their site trailer compound on Vanier Green. At this point the Construction Manager will have control of the Farquharson loading dock and delivery access will have to be coordinated with them.

Site Logistics Plan for Farquharson

Contact:           Adriano Morassutti, Assistant Project Manager, CSBO,

Ron Ogata, Project Director, CSBO,


Air Barrier Remediation
As part of the Science Building Renewal Project we will be repairing the air barrier issue around the windows in the Chemistry Building.  Stephenson Engineering will be in on Friday, March 17th to perform a preliminary investigation. Small test openings will be cut into the wall and window sills may be removed at the location of the wall opening.  Once testing is complete all patching and repairs will be scheduled.

Fume Hood Controls